Pioneering the future of
nature and climate interdependency assessments

Using climate risk data to guide business strategy

New data demonstrate that investing in climate protection is far more economical than dealing with future damage; indeed, the cost of implementing climate protection measures is six times less than the cost of inaction.


Decision-grade data

We integrate and analyse extensive data sets on climate risks to provide insights and actionable intelligence for decision-makers.

Scenario based

We develop climate risk scenario analyses based on the latest climate models and data to assess potential financial impacts on investments and corporate portfolios.

Fully compliant

Our physical climate risk analysis is fully aligned with the Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment from the EU Taxonomy as well as ESRS E1 (CSRD).

Physical risks overview

Heat Stress
Temperature Variability
Heat Wave Days
Cold Spell Days
Frost Days
Ice Days
Water Stress
Coastal Flood
River Flood
Crop Failure
Soil Erosion

Minimal Inputs per Asset


Coordinates | Address | Shape

Business Activity

NACE Code | EU Taxonomy Activity

Optional Inputs

Time Horizon | Monetary Value | ...

Extensive Data

Different Climate Scenarios

Until the year 2100

Worldwide Coverage

For all risks

Transparent Results

Individual Reports

Detailed assessment of the potential risks for each asset

Audit Compliance

Thorough documentation of each data source and methodology

An innovative blend of geospatial analysis and technical expertise set us apart

We excel in decoding the complex interplay of physical locations and business activities to deliver nuanced risk evaluations.


Multifactorial risk and scenario coverage

Our platform aligns and updates data across different climate scenarios. Keeping up to date with the newest insights and methods, providing a comprehensive view of potential climate risks.

Transparent methodology

Far from being a black box, our analyses are designed to be fully traceable, comprehensible and well documented. This clarity not only empowers our clients with deeper understanding but also simplifies the process for auditors.

Worldwide coverage and high resolution

Our unique methodology ensures global coverage in metrics while maintaining local precision. This dual focus enables businesses to make informed decisions, comparing global results with specific, location-based insights.

Start managing nature's interdependencies
with your business now!

Integrate sustainability data into their strategic decision-making processes.

What else we think you should know

Answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand how refinq can streamline your environmental financial planning.

What is refinq?

refinq is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that translates environmental data into actionable financial insights for businesses.

How granular is our data?

We can create nature assessments for any company location globally with a granularity up to 25m.

Does refinq's data meet regulatory demands?

Yes, our assessment is aligned with international disclosure frameworks, such as the The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Standard (CSRD) and European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

How far can I forecast into the future?

refinq allows for forecasting the environmental impact based on four climate scenarios until the end of century to the year 2100.

Is refinq science based?

Yes, we are using the latest socioeconomic and climate models used in complexity research, enriched with your asset data to create accurate nature assessments. Moreover, we are aligned with the Science Based Target Network (SBTN).
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