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Explore the intersection of nature and business on our blog. Learn how environmental factors shape industries, discover sustainable practices, and unlock the key to innovation and success in a greener future for businesses.

Brace for the Gales: Why Europe Needs to Weatherproof Now!

Published by refinq on
The Brewing Storms Will Be the Most FuriousEurope has a long history with powerful storms, from coastal battering rams to inland tempests. These systems have shaped our landscapes, tested our resilience, and driven innovation in build... Read More

The Looming Inferno: Increasing Wildfire Preparedness

Published by refinq on
The Need for a FirebreakWildfires are uncontrolled fires that wreak havoc on forests, grasslands, and other natural landscapes. Headlines are often dominated by these ravaging fires, which scorch millions of acres. For instance, the w... Read More

Flood Risk and Its Impact on Businesses: Understanding the Damage Functions

Published by Lukas Fischer on
Floods are among the most common and devastating natural disasters, significantly impacting the global economy and communities. For businesses, understanding the risk of flooding and its potential impacts is crucial for effective risk management and sustainability planning. This article delves in... Read More
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